Essential Nutrientz

Sulaiha Turner has been a professional licensed Hair Stylist for 7 years. Essential Nutrientz was founded 3 years ago, after Sulaiha suffered from fibroid tumors. After having her fibroids removed she knew that she needed to make some healthy lifestyle changes. In order for Sulaiha to stay well she needed to eliminate all soy and other unhealthy chemical based ingredients from her diet, body care, and hair care regimen. While in pursuit of natural moisturizing hair products that didn’t contain soy, petroleum, and mineral oils, she was unhappy with what was being offered in the market, and beauty supply stores. As a result, Sulaiha decided to create her own hair care line. She started using Essential Nutrientz on her clients who also suffered from the same health conditions. Sulaiha wanted to help herself and her clients make better hair care choices with ingredients that were in line with being healthy, worry free, and wouldn’t impact our health later in life.


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