Lala Skin Essentials

Lala Skin Essentials was founded on the principles of providing quality, effective, natural skin care products designed to improve the skin health and wellness of our customers. We are a specialty organic skin care formulator and distributor. Our skin care products are made with only 100% organic ingredients, botanicals, essential oils and natural extracts. We strongly believe in the natural healing and benefits that nature’s extracts and minerals can offer.

Our products are never made with any parabens, toxins, chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are harmful and damaging to the skin. Each ingredient used in our products is carefully selected, ensuring it is of the highest quality, with the most beneficial results, for all of our valued customers. We have conducted extensive research over a number of years to create the best skin care products to nourish, protect, replenish and rejuvenate your skin. The products have become a customer favourite, particularly for those with sensitive skin; who are seeking organic skin care products that have the most benefits for their skin, while providing skin renewal and repair.


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